[sca-comments] Covid Vaccines

wendeej wendeej at mail.swcp.com
Sat Dec 5 13:39:12 CST 2020

To the BOD,
   I have been a member(on and off) for over 38yrs... i am not a peer, 
just a Lady so i am used to my voice not counting for much in this 
group, but i am educated in numerous subjects... LAW being one of them.. 
I won't argue the Societies authority to do anything when it comes to 
this issue... I do ,however ,want to know where the BOD stands on 
mandatory "proof of vaccination" to attend events when they resume.
   I renewed my membership 2 days ago( hesitantly as i live on a VERY 
small retirement.)  If the BOD has ANY idea to require such proof, i 
want to cancel that renewal ( within the 3 day requirement). I will not 
take any vaccine for a (non-proven to even exist) virus . I also have a 
bit of knowledge in the biology field and haven't taken any vaccine in 
over 20 yrs and have NO intention of doing so to "play" SCA.
Thank you for your timely response to my inquiry.
Wendee Doster(Komen)
aka Lady Gwyneth of Markland

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