[sca-comments] Comment on Covid Decision Letter of 4 Dec.

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford mallardlodge1000 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 12:36:20 CST 2020

Members of the SCA Board:

Thank you for your continuing concern and guidance in these troubled times.

My spouse and I are both target archery marshalls in Atlantia, and as a
team we run the practices and other aspects of the target archery program
in our shire. In addition, we are both in our upper 60s, and both of us
have serious health conditions. Thus we will be very concerned about safety
when we are finally allowed to resume practices.

A point concerns me that has so far not been discussed by our King and
Queen, possibly because guidance has not yet been issued from Corpra, and
understandably this is new ground. Recent news stories have reported that
as much as one third of the US population plans to refuse a vaccine. I
recognize that some people have moral or religious grounds against
vaccinations, but much of this anti-vaccine attitude is due to fear, or
political stubbornness.

Unvaccinated members, or guests and newcomers, may present a continuing
hazard to our events for a long time. I can't see how we can easily control
this problem without driving away members. And there is of course the
truthfulness and honor factor, a valued principle in our society, but one
that may not be yet appreciated by newcomers and guests.

I hope, and indeed expect, that you will give consideration to this
question in your future decisions.

Thank you.

Mungo Napier, Shire of Isenfir, Kingdom of Atlantia
(mka Garth Groff)
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