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Hope you are doing well :) 

December is near and we have seen many of our customers leveraging the
entire December month by hosting events around the festivals such as
Hanukkah, Christmas & New Year. 

So we thought of sharing our learning from those customers & their
events with you so you can also start planning your events around
these trends and leverage this festive season.

Here is a list of trends and some event ideas.



If you are into artistic events, cooking events or crafting events,
you can create events related to Christmas preparations. Here are some
ideas which are doing well.

* You can create workshops for teaching DIY hristmas ornaments
creation. You also can go by themes i.e. Eco-friendly, Origami,
Knitting, Pottery etc.
* You can teach how to make and garnish Christmas themed cookies and
* Crafting wreath at home has become trend now. Events for crafting
wreath at home can be popular among audience.
* Customized homemade gift hampers for loved ones is a whole new
trend. i.e; Homemade soaps & creams, Hand-made pots, Gift boxes and
cards with pictures, etc. Try out teaching how to make one at home.
* The first thought comes in mind with Christmas is Gifts. You can
also teach innovative and eco-friendly DIY gift wrapping.
* If you have a unique and different cocktail recepie. Try out
teaching how tomake cocktails for parties during Christmas.
* Traditional Christmas dishes are loved by all though people don't
know how to cook same. Create workshop and teach How to cook
traditional Christmas dishes at home.
* You can also teach sainted candle making at home for Christmas


Christmas comes in the last week of December but it is celebrated in
the whole month of December specially in the weekends of December.

Here are some ideas related to Christmas celebration events that are
doing well.

* Breakfast with Santa, a concept which is popular among families with
children. You can organize this event at low cost and earn well.
* On Christmas, Brunch parties also do well. You need to ensure that
you are creating a unique experience for attendees.
* Christmas mini is a simple and cost-effective event that you can
plan out. You need to set up a themed and beautiful photo booth for
family photographs and small video sessions.
* The Christmas market and fairs are also in trend in last week of
December. This event can be a big success in generating revenue if you
can plan out a perfect market with a themed and unique ambiance.
* You can plan out Secret Santa aside your other events. You can
set a price limit for gifts and assign a person to purchase a gift
* The Christmas eve party with themed decoration and fun activities
is a never ending trend. 

Look at how other event organizers from your city are leveraging
Christmas Trend with their events ➡


There will be so many options for the audience to spend the new year.
Making that experience unique, and attracting more customers is in
your hand.But you also need to ensure the safety of your audience. You
need to plan out in a way you can maintain social distancing. You can
go through some tips & safety measures from Covid safety guide

Here are some unique ideas and tips with which you can ensure best
experience and attract more customer:


When you think of planning a new year evening party, ambiance plays an
important role. Here is a list of some unique themes which you can use
for your party:


Classy black and golden theme

Vintage theme

Natural theme

Movies theme

Bonfire party at its best

Masquerade Party theme

Winter wonderland 


You should plan out fun activities that can make your party attraction
for the audience. Here are some fun ideas that you can utilize.


Ask your audience to bring out some noisemakers & then reward the
noisiest person.

Have a tarot card reader at your party.

Plan out a photo booth and create the challenge to click the weirdest
photo and post on social media

Ask your attendees to write about 2020 poetically, read out some at
the end.

Have some weird awards. I.e., worst dance, a funny expression.

Plan out some games that can be played by groups, i.e., Murder
mystery, Pictionary.


Planning out an exciting talent show will always be a USP for your
party. You can invite a band, dancers, magician, comedian, or anyone
with an exciting act to perform. 


The successful event doesn't end up at just planning an exciting event
but you also need to market your event well to attract more audience.
You need to make an event marketing plan to reach a relevant

You can discuss your event with event marketing experts and plan out
marketing for your event.  

Discuss your event marketing campaigns with event marketing experts

Wishing you an eventful December.

Hetal from AllEvents.in

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