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Thanks, Jason.  Feel better.  No worries about the meeting.  
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Looks good. Sorry about missing that meeting. Hopefully next time I won't be sick. 
Jason Wobig 

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All - 
Attached for your review and comments is a draft report to the Board of our 11/21 Committee meeting.  Please take a look and give me any comments by the end of the day Wednesday so that I can file the report with Renee on Friday.
Also, am thinking about scheduling the next committee call for either Monday January 8 or Tuesday January 9, for a final look at the budget before the January 25-26 Board meeting.  Let me know if either of those dates would work for you around 6 pm PST for an hour or so.
Lastly, anyone interested in taking a first shot at drafting a new Investment Policy?  If not I will give it a try.
Aloha and YIS,
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