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> This is a draft.  If I missed something or you have something you wish to add, please reply. If you are okay with draft, please reply minutes approved.
> Minutes from the conference call
> 1.  Establishment of a monthly meeting, 2nd Tuesday of each month, conference call.
> 2.  Kingdom Gazette Proposal to be sent to all members of the committee for commentary.
>     See 10/26/2017 email.
> 3.  Social Media Policy draft sent to committee by Tibereus for Commentary.  
>    (please send directly to the committee)
>    Want to include description of official and non official social media outlets.
>    We also need to clearly articulate that this policy is a policy that affects the general membership.  (There is social media guidelines for officers in the president's handbook for officers)
> 4.  emoderators for each social media outlet were discussed.   
>          A Procedures manual for these offices needs to be created. some information to be included what to post, when, why; what to remove, when, why; how much monitoring is required; when and how to report issues with bad behavior in posts.
> 5. Etiquette for all SCA social media outlets. official and unofficial defined. To be apart of the larger SCA social media policy.
>      We also need a consistent message that is posted on all social media outlets.  This statement will be to be reviewed by the lawyer and approved by the board.
> 6. We need to move forward with the Journal for Experimental Medieval Studies.  
>       Gloria as pub manager will be leading on this project.
>       Committee will be review proposal and offering commentary when a proposal is drafted.
> 7. Wishlist of ideas
>        Proposal to board--remove baronial requirements for newsletters.
>        Blanket waivers for photographs at events like other non profits do
>        annual review of all communications policies
> 8.  Thank yous for patience and participation.  Looking forward to working with everyone.
> In service,
> Vandy Pacetti-Donelson
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