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This is a draft.  If I missed something or you have something you wish to add, please reply. If you are okay with draft, please reply minutes approved.

 Minutes from the conference call

1.  Establishment of a monthly meeting, 2nd Tuesday of each month, conference call.

2.  Kingdom Gazette Proposal to be sent to all members of the committee for commentary.
     See 10/26/2017 email.

3.  Social Media Policy draft sent to committee by Tibereus for Commentary.  
    (please send directly to the committee)
    Want to include description of official and non official social media outlets.
    We also need to clearly articulate that this policy is a policy that affects the general membership.  (There is social media guidelines for officers in the president's handbook for officers)

4.  emoderators for each social media outlet were discussed.   
          A Procedures manual for these offices needs to be created. some information to be included what to post, when, why; what to remove, when, why; how much monitoring is required; when and how to report issues with bad behavior in posts.

5. Etiquette for all SCA social media outlets. official and unofficial defined. To be apart of the larger SCA social media policy.
      We also need a consistent message that is posted on all social media outlets.  This statement will be to be reviewed by the lawyer and approved by the board.

6. We need to move forward with the Journal for Experimental Medieval Studies.  
       Gloria as pub manager will be leading on this project.
       Committee will be review proposal and offering commentary when a proposal is drafted.

7. Wishlist of ideas
        Proposal to board--remove baronial requirements for newsletters.
        Blanket waivers for photographs at events like other non profits do
        annual review of all communications policies

8.  Thank yous for patience and participation.  Looking forward to working with everyone.

In service,

Vandy Pacetti-Donelson

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