[Communications] Conference call on tuesday

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Fri Oct 20 13:13:41 CDT 2017

Good Afternoon Communications Committee,

Tuesday evening at 8pm EDT, October 24th, we will have a meeting by conference call.  On Monday, Renee will send an invite to the conference call.

The agenda for the conference call is as follows:


     1.  establishment of monthly meeting
     2.  Closed Facebook Group
     3.  the art of cc'

     1.  Review of Kingdom Gazette's Proposal and next steps.
     2.  Social Media Policy 
     3.  emoderators for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
     4.  Etiquette for Official SCA Social Media Outlets
     5.  Experimental Medieval Studies, Experimental Renaissance Studies Journals
     6.  Wish lists and ideas

--closing remarks and farewells.

I look forward to meeting with you and stepping onto the moving sidewalk that will be the work of this committee.  


Vandy Donelson

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